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Effective Oracle license management

There are many reasons to get professional support for Oracle licensing. A strategic approach to software asset management (SAM) is crucial to maximizing your IT budget. This is particularly true for Oracle, which carries enormous costs along with complicated licensing rules. Auditing is a major part of Oracle’s business model – but with us at your side, you need have no fear!

More than:

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of all Oracle customers could save on licence costs.

More than:

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of all Oracle license agreements are not individually optimized.

Minimum saving per project within the last decade.

Some Facts

The problems

  • 99% of all Oracle customers are not properly licensed.
  • Wrong understanding of how to track license usages.
  • There are few experts who can help with optimal Oracle license management.
  • Many SAM tools deliver inadequate license analysis.
  • Oracle licensing rules vary significantly between products, and are complex and poorly defined.
  • With all this complexity, audits generate around 15% of Oracle’s annual turnover (and rising).
  • Current Oracle JAVE SE users are being aggressively pursued.

Why choose our solutions?

  • We provide a full and correct license balance for all your Oracle products.
  • We identify and explain the potential for optimization.
  • We support you in implementing all technical and contractual measures.
  • We help you to plan the future of your Oracle environment.
  • We bring a wealth of experience to help you achieve your strategic goals.

SAM Tools

The development of our SAM tools followed logically from our experience. As Oracle licensing specialists, we were destined to create pure Oracle license optimization tools. And license balance are only the start.


We know exactly what information is needed for optimization, and we show it to you clearly. Do you have individual contracts? No problem, our contract analysis can handle it. Would you like to reduce your Oracle license requirements? Our SAM tools make that easy.


Be a part of our journey – as a participant in our pilot program*, you will enjoy personal care and support with all the benefit of our in-depth experience.

* Program limited to 20 participants.

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Oracle license optimization

For us, optimization doesn’t mean just giving you an amount of required licenses but taking your complete situation into account. After a consultation or using our SAM tool, you will have more knowledge at your fingertips to help in making future decisions.

Our principles: smart – independent – reliable.

  • Our focus is on reducing your costs.
  • Your benefit is maximum added value.
  • Your sublicensing risks are eliminated.